Top April Fool Texts Pranks in English

Top April Fool Texts Pranks in English: As technology has evolved. Therefore has the art of pranking. Want proof? transfer a revelry cushion app. There ar new ways that to trick individuals and also the standard jokes will not work.

Top pranksters recognize they have to stay up with the days to remain relevant. However not everybody has the time . Or cash to show a complete house into a ball pit.

The easiest and farthest reaching trendy. Technology prank is much glues to the palm of your hand. April fool texts pranks in English Text might not be the latest type of communication. However they’re the foremost common. What i am attempting to mention is that pranking somebody on viverrine continues. To be some month removed from being handiest.

 Top April Fool Texts Pranks in English:

To make more fun on April fools day but staying at at home. You can use the given below April fool texts pranks in english ideas … These ideas are more and safe to do

Long time past, 
only fools wont to scan my sms, and today

the history continues.
Happy All Fools’ Day!funny texts pranks to send


Ek bar kuch bandar jangal se bhag gaye phir wo edifice mein phuchen
unme se ek pizaa kha raha tha ek burger kha raha tha
aur kuch Bade dhayan se ye message parh rahe the.

texts pranks in english


Fact 1: you’ll not bit
your each lips together with your tongue

Fact 2: once reading this,
99/100 idiots would attempt it

April fools texts pranks


Hey U Know
Which is that the best day to propose a woman.. April 1
If she settle for its your luck
otherwise simply tell Gregorian calendar month Foooooll.

funniest texts pranks to send to friends


U r the foremost CUTE persons within the world!
Just a second, dont misconstrue.
CUTE means:

texting pranks to play on friends



This is an endemic . . .

When you flip your phone off it will not WORK once more

Click Here:-


April fool texts pranks

Place a bottle of liquid dish soap into the rest room tank.
The next person two flush the rest room are greeted
with an awesome quantity of bubbles.


31st March Or first Gregorian calendar month
Fool is Fool dosnt matter.
Wishing terribly happy, prosperous and joyful
Fool Day to the King of Fools.. 🙂

april fools office pranks


Sine ME dil,
Dil ME Indo-Aryan,
Dard ME yaqin,
Yaqin ME khyal,
Khayal ME khwab,
Khuwab ME tasvir
Tasvir ME sirf ap!
Itna Darawna khuwab?
Baap re Baap



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