Most Funniest April Fool Texts Pranks for Friends

If you are not an expert at pranks simply never the less. Don’t have any worry there ar lots of funny April Fool texts pranks. That’ll assist you seem like a comedy king or queen. And there is no tacks in their chair. On Associate in Nursing “act” through text, deception is slightly easier.

You can conjointly build Associate in  April Fool texts pranks last for slightly. Since you do not ought to have an on the spot response for “you’re humourous, right?”. You’ll be able to simply drag one funny joke out throughout the whole lot of the day.

Alert to Remember:

Of course, some things ought to go while not saying: If it will hurt feelings. Or cause you to seem like Associate in Nursing insensitive jerk. The joke in all probability is not a decent one. April Fool Day is an event that terrifies several supported past dangerous pranks gone wrong. Thus by ensuring that the vacation is spent during a light-weight and profitable manner. You may be appreciated by everybody you recognize. Remember, the goal here is laughs — not tears.

If you are looking for some smart ideas for April Fool texts pranks. Here ar some artistic ones that your friends can wholly love.

Texting Pranks to Play on Friends:

Here are some most funniest examples and ideas for April fool texts pranks to play on friends…….😛 click here

The “Awkward Question” Text:

April fool texts pranks

Most Funniest April Fool Texts Pranks for Friends:. If you add plenty of hesitation, and a bit little bit of worry. This one will find yourself being a success. Whereas most folks (fingers crossed) haven’t woken up to such a horror state of affairs before. We’ve undoubtedly woken up to weird circumstances. (I mean, we’ve all had a wierd school party, right?) Add a solid, “Can you delete this text exchange?”. To the lowest of this before explaining, or admitting the joke  to feature somewhat a lot of confusion.

The “Maybe Your Phone Is Broken?” Text:

funny texts pranks to send


Most Funniest April Fool Texts Pranks for Friends:. While our phones ar pretty handy and dandy. Glitches are not out of the normal. But, glitches you’ll see  however your friends can’t?. Most likely not a true issue. If your crony uses their phone for business. You’ll be wanting to reveal the joke sooner instead of later. You do not need them to be panic-stricken. All day of texting “diapers” to special purchasers.

The “Lost Phone Number”:

texting pranks to play on friends

Most Funniest April Fool Texts Pranks for Friends:. Most oldsters square measure pretty technologically advanced by this pont. But, they are conjointly fondly  trustworthy. This text will really work each ways that. If you are the parent? Fake you’ve no clue United Nations agency your child is. This may well be somewhat of a straight forward text. However they will positively feel a pang of confusion. Before realizing what the date is.

The “Lost Cat”:

april fool text pranks


Missing animals ar ne’er funny. However they positively get people’s attention. Begin by asking your friend if they understand anyone WHO lost their cat. Describe the cat in an exceedingly bound approach say. It’s orange with tiger stripes, and looks pretty impudent. At the end, send a GIF of Garfield.

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