Most funniest April fools day Pranks at School 2018

The home is a perfect place to set up a good pranks at school. From your victim’s area, to prized possessions. And even his or her sleeping body. You’ve got access to a good prank you’ll solely dream concerning with schoolmates. And colleagues. However, the draw back to home-grown pranks at school is that the same closeness. That brings such a plus. You’ve got to measure with these folks. And that they recognize wherever you sleep. Do not prank unless you are able to face the results.

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Top funny Pranks At School :


Address the teacher as “your honor”.


Invite an additional copy of every handout, for your invisible friend next to you.


Superglue a coin to the bottom and watch folks attempt to choose it up. sensible Prank!


Once a coach asks you for your school assignment. 


Tell your teacher that you simply do not do school assignment. As a result of it’s against your faith.

POP! –

Place a balloon over the pipage of a teacher’s automotive. (make positive the automotive isn’t running. And check to form positive the pipage isn’t. Therefore hot that you’ll get burned). Once the victim starts up the automotive there’ll be an out sized “POP.”


Plant some corn (W-i-d-e S-p-r-e-a-d) orthography a funny word on the sports field.


april fools pranks at school

Pranks at school :Take a little cardboard jewellery box (about the dimensions a bracelet comes in). Cut a hole within the bottom and thru the cotton. (if the box has get it the bottom). Stick your finger through the opening and lay it flat. Place the lid on. Tell your victim that you simply have a present for them. Raise them to open the box and once they see it’s a finger yell “BOO!”. (For ads cititious have an effect on, squirt some pasta sauce round the bottom of your finger.).


Report rumors daily via the lavatory wall on Post-It notes.

april fools funny pranks at school


 choose a period of time to apply this pranks at school. And place some paper within abandoned umbrellas. Once they square measure opened during a rush…sprinkle sprinkle!

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