Virgo Leo compatibility in LOVE & MARRIAGE, FRIENDSHIP

Virgo horoscope 22 August – 22 September


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Virgo Leo compatibility .Virgo Leo compatibility in LOVE & MARRIAGE, FRIENDSHIP. Virgo’s are always paying attention to the all smallest things.They going in to the detail and there love and careens for peoples. It makes them most careful sign either then others. Virgo can easily make relationship with other signs. Virgo peoples are more kind, analytical and hardworking; they also don’t like more attention from others.

Element: Earth

Ruling planet: Mercury

Symbol: Maiden

Zodiac symbol: virgin

Zodiac quality: Mutable







Virgo Leo compatibility in LOVE & MARRIAGE, FRIENDSHIP

Virgo Leo compatibility in LOVE & MARRIAGE, FRIENDSHIPLions have to rule and virgin has the desire to serve. which on the surface might make this seem a perfect couple! However there’s more to life than the master/slaves relationship. It’s look a little deeper. Because Leo is a Sun sign and Virgo is an Earth sign. They perfectly capable to destroy each other. Virgo can smother the Leo’s enthusiasm with no-nonsense practicality. The Leo has the power to scorch the virgin sense with over- the- top displays of emotion. Virgo is thrifty and parsimonious. they should learn to respect each other’s differences. It is the only way to get along.




Virgo Leo compatibility for LOVE

virgo and leo compatibiltiy for love

Virgo Leo are the most compatible signs for each other. Virgo is somehow shy and Leo is bold.  They might take some time for get along. When they get along they make strong bond.They are understanding and loving.





Virgo Leo compatibility for MARRIAGE

virgo and leo compatibility for marriage

Virgo Leo is the perfect couple for each other. They might take some time for sticking together. They get along each other. They are totally mad for each other. They were pure in her relation. They getting married after her long loving relationship.





Virgo Leo compatibility for FRIENDSHIP

virgo and leo friendship

Virgo Leo make strong bond. Virgos are shy and Leos are lions that rules on every one. Leos are those people who just give order.  Virgos are shy and soft heart people. They makes a good mixture. When they meet each other ; they not understand easily. After knowing they make strong bond. They rule on people heart with her softness and act. for more horoscope click here


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