Happy New Year 2018 Facebook , all whatsapp Status

Happy New Year 2018

We welcome Happy new year 2018 with lot of happiness and excitement . People from different countries celebrate new year according to their own tradition and culture . People plan get together with family , friends and relatives at new year eve . People plan to improve their life and a new start of many people will begin this year . Happy new year 2018 brings a new start to achieve our goal which we were not able to achieve last year. New year provides a new chance to improve our life and to live a beautiful life.The preparation of new year begins by buying gifts for the love ones , relatives , family and friends.

Happy New Year 2018 Facebook , all whatsapp Status

Happy New Year 2018 Facebook , all whatsapp Status

Happy New Year 2018 Facebook Status:

Few years back people great each other by buying “Greeting Cards” and sending them to each other. Now days, people greet each other by sending quick messages which is an effective way and also cost effective.

Here is the list of Quotes, Messages, and Greetings for Happy New Year 2018, choose the one that meet your requirements.

1. Wishing you a happy new year hoping it brings beautiful moments to cherish and brings happiness and desired success in your life. Happy New year 2018.

2. May all tour dreams come true this year, & may God give you all the success and happiness you desire. And give strength to heal your past troubles. Happy new year.

3. Leave all the pain, problems , sadness , stress behind and welcome the new year with a smile. Happy New Year.

4. Take the love that you are given and return it with care. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New year.

5. Don’t worry about what people say behind your back. They are the people who are finding the faults in your life, instead of fixing the faults in their own life. Stay happy and Happy new year.

Happy New year 2018 Whatsapp Status :

6. Let,s give a warm welcome to the year and have the spirit of Conquest. Thus you can successfully battle and overcome difficulties. Wishing you a very happy new year.

7. Thousands of candle can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreased by being shared. Spread happiness and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018.

8. Everyday may not be good ,but there is something good in every day. Its time to forget the past & start a new beginning. Happy new year .

9. May this new year all your efforts turn into achievements and dreams into reality. Count your blessing not your troubles. HAPPY NEW YEAR .

10. May this new year be a wonderful journey towards your dream destination. Believe it Good things are on the way. HAPPY NEW YEAR.


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