Hindu Indian Baby Girls names with H

Hindu Indian Baby Girls names with H

Hindu Indian Baby Girls names with H – A new member has arrived into your sweet nest. Now naming him seems to be on the top of your mind? Since we are in the middle of a naming revolution. Take your pick from our Popular Hindu Girls Names that may add considerable significance to her identity. It may help her stay connected to his deep-roots in Hinduism.

Naming a baby is considered to be sacred and therefore is an important Hindu tradition. It involves the immediate families and also close relatives and friends. Traditionally known as Namkaran or Namakarana Sanskar. 

Hindu Indian Baby Girls names with H

Hindu Indian Baby Girls names with H

This ceremony is conducted in an elaborate form on the 12th day after birth. In Kerala, this is conducted on 27th/28th day and called as Noolukettu.

The Namakarma Sanskar is usually held after first 11 nights of a baby’s delivery.

Today’s parents want their child’s name to reflect their ethnicity and tradition. We have compiled a list of 100 modern. Traditional Indian baby names that will help you decide the perfect name for your baby. Parents should be extremely careful while selecting a suitable baby name for their newly born angel. They should dedicate a thought process to decide a suitable and meaningful baby name.

Indian Baby Girls names starting with H

Name Meaning
Harihini Daughter of Lord Vishnu
Hemasri One with Golden Body
Hiranya Gold
Hritika Truthful
Harshni Joyful
Heni Crown
Hiya Heart
Hamsa Swan
Harshada One who brings Happiness
Haryka Wonderful
Hasita Happy, Full of laughter
Hanisha Beautiful night
Haruni A deer
Humaila Golden Necklace
Hridya Heart
Harusha Happy
Hayati Vital
Harshika Joyful, Happy, One who gives happiness
Hasina Beautiful
Harali After sunset
Haadiya A simple guide of righteousness
Haimi Golden
Halima Patience
Hamsa Swan
Hana Happy
Hani Droplet
Hanika Droplet
Hanima Wave
Hansini Swan
Hansmala Swans in a row
Harali After sunset
Hardeep Lamp of God
Harini A deer
Haripriya Liked by Hari
Harmya Palace
Harnoor God’s Gift
Harper One who plays Harp
Harshada One who brings Happiness
Harshal Glad
Harshika Laugh
Hasanthi One who is always delightful
Haseerath God’s wisdom
Hasina Beautiful
Hayana Eyes
Hasitha Happy
Hasrat Desire
Hatisha One with no desires
Heena Mehendi
Heerkani Small Diamond
Helen Shining light
Hemanthi Early winter
Hemkanta Golden girl
Hetal Friendly
Himabindu Bindu
Hira Diamond
Hardeep Strong
Hiral Wealthy
Hitaishi Well wisher
Hitha Lovable
Hitul Well wisher
Hiyanka One with good heart
Hoor Virgin of Paradise
Hradika Queen of lake
Hridya Heart
Hrithika One with kind heart
Hruthi Love
Huma Paradise bird
Hanitha One who rides a swan
Humaila Golden Necklace
Husnika Beautiful

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