Hindu Indian Baby Girls names with G

Hindu Indian Baby Girls names with G

Hindu Indian Baby Girls names with G – A new member has arrived into your sweet nest. Now naming him seems to be on the top of your mind? Since we are in the middle of a naming revolution. Take your pick from our Popular Hindu Girls Names that may add considerable significance to her identity. It may help her stay connected to his deep-roots in Hinduism.

Hindu Indian Baby Girls names with G

Hindu Indian Baby Girls names with G

Naming a baby is considered to be sacred and therefore is an important Hindu tradition. It involves the immediate families and also close relatives and friends. Traditionally known as Namkaran or Namakarana Sanskar. 

This ceremony is conducted in an elaborate form on the 12th day after birth. In Kerala, this is conducted on 27th/28th day and called as Noolukettu.

The Namakarma Sanskar is usually held after first 11 nights of a baby’s delivery.

Today’s parents want their child’s name to reflect their ethnicity and tradition. We have compiled a list of 100 modern. Traditional Indian baby names that will help you decide the perfect name for your baby. Parents should be extremely careful while selecting a suitable baby name for their newly born angel. They should dedicate a thought process to decide a suitable and meaningful baby name.

Indian Baby Girls names starting with G

Name Meaning
Gina Well Born, Race of Women, Powerful Woman, Silvery, Pure
Gajal Song, Love
Gavya Garden of God
Geeti A Song, Melody
Ghata Clouds
Gnani Good Knowledge, Knows Everything, Cleverer
Gangi Sacred, Pure
Gauravi Honour, Pride
Gitansh Seven sound of song
Gira Language
Gitali Harmonious
Gatry Gods of hindu religion
Gaura Fair woman, Goddess Parvati, Name of a raaga
Ghaena Ornament
Giva Hill
Gomini Goddess Lakshmi
Geya Song
Gunitha Virtuous
Grahitha One who is acceptable by all
Gunika One with good character
Gina Silvery, Shiny
Gunitha Virtuous
Gunjan Echo
Gajadhari One who can control an elephant, Courageous
Gandhika Sweet Scent
Gaurishta Lord Ganesha
Gitali Harmonious
Gauri Fair girl
Gabrielle Messenger of God
Galina Women of tranquility
Genie Arabic word
Gauhar Pearl
Ganika Flower
Garima Pride
Gunvati Girl with good qualities
Gul Flower
Gira Language
Gandhali Sweet Scent
Ganika Flower
Ganjan Exceeding
Gorochana Goddess Parvathi
Gulika Pearl
Gyanada Goddess Saraswathi
Gajagamani Majestic
Gandhali Fragrance of flowers
Gandhini Fragrant
Gathika Song
Gaurika Young Girl
Gayanthika Singing
Geshana Singer
Gnanachelvi Intelligent girl
Gauramgi Fair girl
Greeshma Season of summer
Grihitha Accepted
Gunika One with good character
Gunjan Buzzing of a bee
Gunjika Humming of bird
Gaura Fair Woman
Gavya God’s garden
Goonj Sound
Grahitha One who is acceptable by all
Grecy Graceful
Gatry Gods of hindu religion
Gamani Golden
Garathi Virtuous
Giraja Goddess Parvathi
Gloshini Beautiful

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