Black Friday 2017 in America

Black Friday 2017 in America:

From past few years tourists from all over the world fly to (“USA“) The United States of America, wakes up in the middle of the night and stands in the long lines to shop. In America Black Friday is the biggest sale day of the year. The travel industry has built a market around this event. There are a lot of tourists who wants to participate in the Black Friday 2017 this year. Whole suits of hotels and different airlines are already book for this event. The economy of the US just starts rising during this season.

black friday 2017

Black Friday history:

Black Friday is always the day after the American bank holiday Thanksgiving. In America, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, so this year will be on Thursday November 24, 2017. The next day of Friday is traditionally the day when people starts Christmas shopping. Black Friday throws up some special deals and discounts of the year mostly on technology, gadgets, home decoration etc. This day gives shoppers the chance of big savings on the Christmas gifts for their beloved ones. Black Friday is now popular in different asian countries.

Black Friday record of mobile shopping:

Online shopping is the king of shopping. Customers wait till late night instead of standing in the queue. In the previous year, the mobile shopping has set a record of $1 billion in the USA history which is 33 percent increase in online sales over 2015. Retailers report their transactions via mobile phones and online billing. Mobiles are ringing the change on digital marketing which is a gateway of USA economy. Hope 2017 will break all the previous records of the american history. Amazon and Argos offers biggest Black Friday deals, so this year don’t give up.

What and when is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the Monday right after the Black Friday. Cyber Monday 2017 will be on 27 November. Retailers are offering deals before and after Black Friday because it is the profitable season for them.

Expectations from Black Friday 2017:

As the Black Friday gain popularity all around the world more retailers and stores are giving big discounts. More competition is expected from the previous years. If Amazon is able to set before the Black Friday, this could shake up the market and local marketers try to give higher discounts on their items. This year some re-known marketers are also starting their big discounts. From the very early of Black Friday great deals are also in news. As we know that the retailers cut their prices into half how can they get profit? The truth is that the big-names already gave their discount deals with the limited stock edition and they are booked before the time. In this way they are still able to make a decent profit even they cut off their prices.

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