Top 7 Country Black Friday Deals 2017

Black Friday Deals 2017

Black Friday Deals 2017 will be on Friday, 24 November. It is the day after fourth Thursday of November. It is the day after Thanksgiving Day in United States. Black Friday is known as the beginning of Christmas Shopping Season in United State. Black Friday is not an official holiday, but some states observe “The Day After Thanksgiving” as a holiday for government employees.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. It is not one-day event. Black Friday  2017 sale is the biggest festival of the year for bargain hunters.Top 7 Country Black Friday  deals 2017 are officially or unofficially start of shopping season. It will not be surprising to see that Pre-Black Friday sale start from Monday on that week. Some stores start Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day or some starts from Wednesday and Monday.Black Friday 2017

 Black Friday Deals:

The term Black Friday griped with the Internet. Black Friday Deals websites like started to highpoint “Black Friday sales” in 2003 and the vendors picked it up. Black Friday is an Internet term. People used to refer this day as ‘Day after Thanksgiving Sale’ or related to it. Mostly banks are open on that day. Some financial institutes allow their employees a long weekend off by closing institute.

Black Friday 2017 Sales:

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday which celebrate in United States, Canada, Liberia, and some Caribbean Island. Black Friday Deals 2017 is held on 24th November 2017. On this day, shopkeepers open stores extremely early or often at midnight. Many sellers report some of their highest profits on Black Friday. Stores in US and Canada offers different Black Friday 2017 deals. Most Black Friday Deals 2017  go online when their Black Friday store sales start. Some stores offer sale only in stores. Retailers offer early sales and promotional deals before Black Friday.

Black Friday 2017


Ads are published in the newspaper on Thanksgiving Day. (The day before Black Friday). Many stores are published their Black Friday Ad early in November or sometimes they leak it in October. Many stores come out with Door buster items on their website to attract customers in their stores. People stand in line hours before store is open. For many year retailer opened stores at 6:00 a.m. In 2000s store open at 5:00 or 4:00. But now mostly stores open at midnight 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. for 24 hours. 1n 2006, 7 deaths and 98 injuries occurs on that day.

Black Friday is a shopping day for many reasons. It is the last major holiday before Christmas. It is the beginning of Christmas shopping season. Almost all the retailers of the country offer different big and small sales including Door buster items. Black Friday is ranked in busiest shopping day of the year.

Black Friday in United States:

The states in US which have official public holidays for government employees are California, Delaware, Florida, West Virginia, New Mexico, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Kentucky, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, and Texas etc on Black Friday. Black Friday sale starts early Thanksgiving Day and remains Friday 11:00 p.m. Many stores open on Thanksgiving, and many sales started earlier than that day. Online shopping made that day less important.

Black Friday in USA

Black Friday in Canada:

Black Friday is more popular in United States that’s  why Canadians gather to US . They move to US for shopping due to lowest price and strong Canadian dollar.US retailers provide extreme price cuts as compared to Canadian retailers. Many travelling deals occurs across the border in Canada.

Black Friday 2017

Black Friday in United Kingdom:

In the United Kingdom, the event Black Friday originated within the Police and National Health Services to refer to the Friday before Christmas. It is the day when emergency services activate possibility plans to police with the increase in workload because many people going out drinking on the last Friday before Christmas. In 2013 Asda announced its “Walmart’s Black Friday by ASDA” movement sponsoring the American concept of a retail “Black Friday” in the UK. In 2014, UK retailers also adopt Black Friday marketing scheme. Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, stated: “The events of last night were totally predictable and I am disappointed that stores did not have sufficient security staff on duty”. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in Britain.

Black Friday 2017

Black Friday in Mexico:

Black Friday was the motivation for the government of Mexico. In Spanish “El Buen Fin” means “the good weekend”. This weekend exists in November from 2011. Mexican Revolution Holiday pushed from its original date to 20th November. Mostly retailers extend stores an offer special discounts on this weekend.

Black Friday Deals 2017

Black Friday in India:

Black Friday is also famous in India. The reason for this popularity is growing number of e-commerce website in India. E-commerce websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon offer discounted products in India on various festivals. These are also offer Black Friday online deals.

Black Friday Deals 2017

Black Friday in Pakistan:

Many stores and online websites offer deals on black Friday. Pakistani customers not satisfy with the word “Black Friday” therefore this sales day in Pakistan named as “White Friday”. The reason for this Friday can never be black for Muslims. E-commerce is still far in Pakistan that’s why many sites did not expect response from the user on this biggest sale of the year. Many websites like, yayvo, kaymo offer sales on this day. In Pakistan, Black Friday sale seems like clearance sale rather than a discount festival.

Black friday  deals 2017

Black Friday in other countries:

French retailers offer up-to 85% discounts as Apple and Amazon. In Norway, Black Friday sales also started to the shopping mall Norwegian Outlet. In Australia, online retailers also promoted Black Friday since 2010. In Germany, South-Africa, Austria and Switzerland also offer Black Friday online deals. In Netherlands, Black Friday introduced in 2015. In Belgium and Ukraine Black Friday introduced in 2016. Online shops have broken the sales records last year.


Black Friday 2017 in America
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