Best Wedding Wishes For Best Friend

 Best Wedding Wishes For Best Friend:

Wishes For Best Friend: FRIENDSHIP is the most important relation ship in  our life. Friends are the blessing of ALLAH and we go outside with friends and spent a lot of time with friends . We discuss our issues and stress with friends and solve their problems with each other. We doing gossips with friend and we make a memorable days with friends. THE life without friends is boring, meaningless and in vain.Friends are the useful source for escape us from teachers and sometimes they bait us. When one friend have the aim and goal then other friends encourage and support his friend to get the aim and goal in future. They always help his friend in difficult and try to release his tensions. The time we spent with our friends is the most memorable days of our life and we never forget this days.

Best Wedding Wishes For Best Friend


Wedding Wishes For Best Friend:

Wedding wishes for best friend:IN OUR LIFE, few days are very important, memorable and value able. Today is also include on those days.we all friends are waiting for your wedding and finally the day will be come. I wish u a very happy wedding to both of you. May ALLAH always bless u with happiness and prosperous. Now you are pushing the next chapter of your life. You turns one step forward in your life. I wish u both of you always be happy with a countless and uncountable blessings. Both of you connect to each other in your life with full of love, trust, respect and understanding.

Wedding Wishes:

I congratulate you and your life partner on this greatest and wonderful day. I wish that you always a lot of happy years together. Your love will never be_ ending and get the most happy life together. I think the world exist only because of love and i hope u will become a superb example of it. I pray to my ALLAH that you and your life partner have a save journey of life and you always escape from the bad evils also from the jealous people.

  • Wishing you a lifetime of love and prosperous
  • May ALLAH your love ,respect and trust will forever grow
  • Two souls will become one and also two heart beat will be one
  • May your love continue to grow each and every year


Best Wedding Wishes For Best Friend

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