Eid ul Azha Dua & Method of Qurbani

Eid ul Azha Dua & Method of Qurbani

Method Of Qurbani

Qurbani is about:

Eid ul Azha Dua & Method of Qurbani

  • Love for Allah in contrast to the love of self-obedience for rebellion.
  • Faith versus emotion.
  • Fight instead of pleasure.

Where is this spirit of Qurbani on our nights and days idle and aimless? Who can put the knife in his heart to kill the beasts of rebellion, hatred, jealousy, pride, avarice, etc.? Qurbani is an annual reaffirmation of our promise to Allah, a promise that:

“Indeed my prayer, my sacrifices, my life and my death surrender to Allah, the Rabb of the worlds.”

Eid-ul-Adha resonates with the cries of surrender, s

ubmission and sacrifice. It is a sad reminder that life is abo


ut action, struggle and resistance.

Eid ul Azha Dua & Method of Qurbani



Whose Qurbani Wajib (obligatory)?

Qurbani is obligatory on every Muslim who is

  • from a healthy mature mind (it has reached the age of puberty),
  • Muqeem (that is, he is not a Shari traveler)
  • It has the amount of 612, 36 grams of silver or wealth equivalent to that value that exceeds the basic needs and debts in any of the three days of Qurbani. It is not essential that this amount be in your possession for a full lunar year. (Fatawa Hindiyyah)

Eid ul Azha Dua & Method of Qurbani

Time for Qurbani

The time for Qurbani begins after the Eid Salaah on 10 Zul Hijjah and ends at sunset on the 12th of Zul Hijjah. It is better to do Qurbani the first day, then the second, and then the third. (Fataawa Shaamiyya)

In rural and village areas where Jumu’ah and Eid Salaah are not performed, Qurbani can be performed as soon as Fajr (Subhus Saadiq) set on the 10th of Zul Hijjah. (Fataawa Hindiyyah)

Eid ul Azha Dua & Method of Qurbani  If a person residing in a city (where Eid salaah is made) arranges for his animal to be sacrificed in a village, then it is permissible for his animal to be sacrificed before he realizes his Eid Salaah . (Fataawa Shaamiyyah)

If the Qurbani has been offered before the Eid Salaah, it will have to be repeated. (Fataawa Hindiyyah)

It is preferable to sacrifice during the day. (Fataawa Hindiyyah)


Eid ul Azha Dua & Method of Qurbani


 Eid ul Azha Dua & Method of Qurbani 

Method of slaughtering an animal

A Muslim should be careful to kill an animal without subjecting him to unnecessary pain and torture. This was the instruction of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The following are pertinent points to keep in mind.

  • The knife to be used for sacrifice, must be sharpened to cut the throat immediately, without causing unnecessary pain to the animal.
  • The blade should not be sharpened in front of the animals.
  • Feed and water must be given to the animal to be slaughtered; He should not be sacrificed when he is hungry and thirsty
  • Do not be brutally dragged to the place of slaughter.
  • Qurbani meat distribution rules
  • The animal must be slaughtered in an isolated place so that other animals can not witness the slaughter.
  • It should be placed on the ground with ease, since it is abominable to use undue force.
  • Only three of your legs should be tied together.
  • As soon as the animal has been placed on the ground, one must hurry to kill it. Undue delay should be avoided.
  • The animal must not be sacrificed with such force that its head is cut, or the knife reaches the spinal cord.
  • It is wrong to kill the animal above the neck because it causes a lot of pain and agony in the animal.
  • The animal should be left in the form of free throwing its body in the process of bleeding.
  • After the slaughter, the head should not be cut or the animal should be peeled until the body is completely cold.
  • While killing, a Muslim should say: ‘Bismillaahi Allaho Akbar’ (In the name of Allah, Who is the possessor of all greatness).
  • It is more virtuous to kill the animal with your own hands. If one is unable to kill, it is advisable that one of the witnesses of the sacrifice. It is not necessary to do the niyyah (intention) of Qurbani verbally, however it is necessary to say Bismillahi Allahu Akbar when sacrificing.
  • The Qurbani animal should be placed on its left side facing the Qiblah and the following dua should be recited before killing the animal:

“Inni Wajjahto Wajhihto Wajhiya Lillazi Fatarassamáwati Wal’arda Hanifaw Wamaa Anaa Minal Mushrikeen, Inni Salaati Wa Nusooki Wa Mah’yaaya Wa Ma’maati Lillahi Rabbil Aalameen Laa Shareeka Lahu Wa Bizaalika Umirtu Wa Anaa Minal Muslimeen Allahumma Laka Wa Minka Bismillahi Allahu Akbar”

Qurbani in Quran

For me, I have fixed my face firmly and truly to the One who created the heavens to destroy the earth, and I will never give companions to Allah, truly my worship and my sacrifice, my life and my death are for Allah, Lord of the worlds. , This sacrifice belongs to you and it is for you. ” When sacrificing the animal recite:


“In the name of Allah. Allah is the Greatest.” Du’aa to be read after Zabiha (Sacrifice):

“Allahumma Taqabbal Minni Kamaa Taqabbalta Min Khaleelika Ibraheema Alaihis Salaam Wa Habeebika Muhammadin Sallalaho Alaihi Wasallam”

“O Allah accept from me this sacrifice like you have accepted from your beloved Muhammad and your friend Hazrat Ebrahim. Peace be upon them.”

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