International worker’s / labour day | May day 2017

International Worker’s day 2017

As the sector recognises the difficult and tedious paintings of a worker. they celebrate the labour day with zeal and zest. A regular worker continues to work senselessly from what he spins, to do so throughout the day. You want to make this a global workplace a better one. you can bookmark the first day of hard work when discussions and conversations are held, sessions and processions are run and banners and brochures are distributed around the world. To honour the achievements and contributions of workers. In addition, to spread awareness about work situations and the salary problems of employees. For lots of other international locations, “Labor Day” connects with or is taken to be the same day as the Day of Employees around the world.

international worker's/ labour day

History of Labour day in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, hard work coverage began in 1972. The first can also become declared as Labor Day and public holidays. As a member of the Global Labor Organization (ILO), Pakistan observes worker’s day on the theme of its activities to improve the working conditions of workers and rename their contributions. As a member of the ILO, the State of Pakistan has a duty to uphold the fundamental values of the ILO. The Pakistan to plan guidelines and plans to defend the interests of the people.
But what happens on the floor is a completely different story. There is a greater of speech and less of movement. So you can also come and yes, we enjoy a time without work, a study in newspapers and blogs on the Labour day, watch special TV programs. After all simply put ourselves next to our daily routines and as soon as the day ends we spend All about it. But for the workers the situation is ugly.

international worker's day/ labour day in pakistan


The Unacceptable Truth about Worker’s/labour day May 1st:

Rising costs, rising inflation, excessive dislodgement of force and gasoline, low wages, growing poverty and negative conditions of regulation and order, contribute to the existence of human beings in general and Of the workers is totally miserable. Because operating conditions are poor, the concept of health insurance and the provision of similar advantages is a strange idea for people. With surprisingly low salary ranges, the charges for food items and daily produce are contrastingly excessive and increasing excessively. The primary needs of existence grow to be a burden to bear. On the shoulders of those who are dependent on using heaps in them.

unacceptable truth about labour day on 1st may 2017

Horrible Situations for the labourers:

The truth takes a look at the conditions in which the worker’s work is terrible, to mention the least. Long working hours, low wages, lack of health facilities, protective measures and social security are the important problems of operational magnificence. The attitude of our elitist agencies and the common exercise of the owners of the Factories is to deny the simple rights of employees and press them in opposition to the wall. The easiest way to alternate the direction of events, to alternate this attitude of paying much less. To make employees work long and costly shifts are to introduce a strong legislative adjustment. And to protect them through strict policies. Until the authorities formulate new laws and guidelines to address workers’ issues. Along with a strict action and inspection plan to secure their rights, nothing will change.

labour day / may day / worker's day 2017

The Truth of Labour day in Pakistan and daily wages of a labourer:

The fact is that Pakistan has had the history of a horrible name not only because of bad bread rules or loss of the right regulatory machine and imposing but also because of its lack of interest to miller the evils of the efforts of the baby And related efforts. All major metropolises in Pakistan and the neighbouring regions of these cities see factories, craft industries, brick kilns and similar places of execution filled with undernourished youths operating 9-10 hours a day for less than Rs.300 in the afternoon. Young women, girls as well as elderly humans are visible making bricks in brick kilns in harsh weather conditions. They have no desire to escape such situations in view of the fact that most people in the ovens are Linked hard work. The lifestyles with a huge bag full of hobby money to pay off on a loan to your terrible grandfather as soon as it took years and years in the past.

international worker's day / labour day / may day 2017

Unrealistic speeches, pretentious promises and guarantees of stagnation.

Every year, on May 1st, we do not forget our workers and workers because we recognise how much we need them. The Labour Day carries with it nothing but a few enthusiastic. But highly unrealistic speeches, pretentious promises and guarantees of stagnation. If something important has to be achieved for a class that is the backbone of our economy. Now it is the time to exchange our phrases ineffective movements.

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