April fool day pranks for long distance relationship

April fool day pranks fr LDR long distance relationship:

April fool day pranks fr LDR (Long Distance Relationship).

If you have your special one from out of city or country then you can also do these things to prank him/her. They will really surprised after doing these. April fool’s day pranks fr LDR Long distance relationships. You can get more ideas from this site.

From time to time matters in long-distance relationships can get too severe. when are we going to close the gap? have you saved sufficient money to come go to me yet? why didn’t you solution your smartphone last night time? well, why now not inject a bit a laugh into your courting with the perfectly accomplished April fool’s day prank?

April fool day pranks for long distance relationship 2017

April fool day History and Pranks for LDRs:

Additionally referred to as all fools’ day, the holiday is well known every April 1 by means of gambling exercise jokes. there are numerous exceptional theories on whilst and why the holiday originated. one concept says in 1952, the pope issued a new calendar for Christian Europe that might take his call. this new calendar—the gregorian calendar—moved the date of the brand new 12 months from April 1 to January 1. “April fools” were the ones Europeans who endured to have fun the brand new year between march 25 and April 1. they have been mocked and the issue of pranks by individuals who accompanied the new calendar that celebrates the new yr in January.

Glitter Bomb:

april fool day pranks for long distance relationship 2017

ok, these can be either absolutely evil or in reality sweet, but a glitter bomb is one of the great pranks out there. this provider will mail a bomb in a card to your sufferer of choice and when they open it -poof! glitter anywhere.

Prank Romantic Bear:

his bear is all snuggles and sunshine until the person you sent it to realizes that it won’t stop singing. It will literally play a song for about 3 hours or more until the battery dies out or it’s destroyed. Fun!

5 best Pranks ideas for long distance relationships:

1.  Hi baby, I have AIDS.


2.  Tell her that you found the light in Protestantism.


3.  pretend you’re texting an exceptional lady something wonderful approximately closing night time.

“o thank you for staying over final time night time amy blah blah blah we need to do that once more actual soon”

something like that.


4.  purchase a long distance cut up be-aware crossbow.


5.  start sobbing uncontrollably, beg him to come back and spot you, say that your home was broken into and that many of your possessions are stolen. that your mother and father are fighting and they may be threatening to make you circulate in with a distant relative or that they’re going to transport farther away. simply beg and do not give up.

April fool's day pranks for long distance relationship


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