ST Patrick’s day 2017

ST Patrick’s day 2017

ST Patrick’s day is known as the feast of Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated by the Irish people on 17th March. Without the benefit of the public holiday, many countries celebrate this day. A parade is held in the Dublin at the end of the week of festivities. The basic aim of ST Patrick’s festival is to develop a major annual international festival. The owner of the festival and the people of Ireland would stand proud to celebrate this festival. Everyone in the world has a wish to be an Irish on the Saint Patrick’s Day. It reflects the talent of Irish people on many national and world stages. It acts as an exciting case for the multiplex skills of the people of Ireland. This is the one national holiday that is celebrated in more countries of the world.

ST Patrick's Day celebration

When is ST Patrick’s Day celebrated?

The Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17th March in every year as the national holiday of Ireland. While more other countries celebrate this day. A major Parade is held on this day in Dublin at the end of the festival week. The festivities are continued in the whole week from 16th to 19th March.

Future Festival Dates of 2017, 2018, and 2019:

Saint Patrick’s Day 2017:

16th March Thursday to Sunday 19th March.

Saint Patrick’s Day 2018:

16th March Friday to Monday 19th March.

Saint Patrick’s Day 2019:

16th March Saturday to Tuesday 19th March.

ST Patrick’s day 2017 Chicago Parade:

ST Patrick’s Day is basically associated with green beer and everything Irish. Start with the dyeing of the Chicago River, when pails of mysterious yellow liquid are teemed into the waterway, changing it to murky-yet-festive shade of green.

When is The Chicago Parade on Saint Patrick’s Day?

The Chicago St Patrick’s Day Parade starts at noon, but the festivities start with the coloring the Chicago River at 9 am on March 11.

Saint patrick's day Chicago parade

ST Patrick’s day clothing:

Saint patrick's day clothing








St patrick's day ladies clothing greendresses.

Saint patrick's Day clothing female

ST Patrick’s day pictures:

saint patrick's day celebration 2017

ST Patrick's day images

saint patrick's day celebration parade

Spectators watch marchers during the St Patrick's Day parade in New York on March 17,

ST Patrick’s day Seattle:

Seattle’s 2017 St. Patrick’s day Parade.

12:30 pm, March 11, 2017, Saturday. Starts from the 4th avenue at James st, downtown Seattle.

The Irish flag will be raised in front of the king county Administration Building at 12:20. The Irish and US national anthem will be played there. Then at 12:30, The St. Patrick’s Day Parade Grand Marshal lead Seattle’s 46th St. Patrick’s Day Parade up 4th Avenue. Traveling north from James-street to the reviewing stand at Westlake Park. is the platform where you can find every the brief detail, images, history etc. of every coming event. We are providing the best quality services in all over the world about coming events. To Find more about coming events please keep visiting on

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