valentines day quotes or poems

Valentines day poems & quotes 2017

Valentine’s day is celebrated on 14th Feb of every year. This is the day when romantic couples share their feelings with each other.  There are many valentines day poems written on the valentine’s couples, their feelings, thoughts, and emotions. If you want to search other coming events click here.

Romantic Poem for valentines:

I Do not know why, I like You.

I Do not know why, I Feel Sad on a Day when.

I Do not see your Face, I only know one Thing that.

I do not bear any meaning without u. If!!!!

I know what LOVE is, It is because of U.


valentine day poems and quotes

You can add this wonderful poem in your valentines day poems collection.

I used my tiny hands…

valentine day poem & quotes

I used my tiny hands,

to make a little heart.

This valentine is special,

a perfect piece of art.

I give it to you _______.

Will you be my valentine?

I made this perfect gift,

to ask you to be mine!








Forever Mine:

valentine day poems & quotes 2017


My Valentine, I love just you;

my devotion, I declare.

I’ll spend my life looking for ways

to show you that I care.

Please say you feel the same for me;

say you’ll be forever mine;

we’ll share a life of happiness,

my treasured valentine.








Most Romantic valentine day poem:

The Holiday of Romance is called valentine’s day. Love in its active state, inspired, and ignited is Romance. Valentines day poems can catch the heart of your valentine.

Be my valentine, for I

each day have thought of you.

my whole life couldn’t manage what

your ready smile can do,

vanquishing my loneliness

As though all lights were new.

Let me be your valentine

Even as you’re mine,

Needing what I have to give

That each might each define

In friendship and in harmony,

Now you, Now I the melody,

Each helping each to shine.


Feeling of Beeing In LOVE

my stomach begins to pain my hands begin to shake,
as he draws nearer one closing deep breathe i take.
my coronary heart beats rapid like never earlier than,
the butterflies tickle and tease till i cannot take it anymore.
via looking down i try and hide my fluster,
i reply to his greeting with a tender hey mutter.
together with his face so good-looking he gives me a grin and a wink,
as he turns to walk away my hearts starts off evolved to sink.
so sweet and so kind and he noticed me,
i sense that he is the prince fascinating for me.
extremely good chills shrill down the lower back of my spine,
why oh why, i wonder, can’t he be just mine?
in my mind he is continually in shine,
i desire he changed into… valentine…….

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