Valentine Day 2017 – 14 February 2017

Valentine Day 201714 February 2017

Valentine Day 2017

Valentine Day 2017

Valentines Day, this day belongs to Saint Valentine. It is celebrated on 14th February of each year. The Valentine’s day celebrate about the world. The history of Valentine belongs to Saints ceremonial celebrations. Saint Valentine a Christian. Some people know facts about Valentine day and also of Saint Valentine.  Valentine, a priest in Rome who died in AD 265 and buried on the Via Flaminia. A time when the church enduring fantastic persecution. His ministry becomes to help the Christians to break out this persecution which includes marriage. The roman emperor Claudius forbade marriages of soldiers. He wants to develop his navy believing that married men did now not make for true squaddies.

Valentine Day 2017

Valentine Day 2017

Here’s the time to celebrates Valentine’s day in 2017. New ideas are coming to become your day more joy-full. People celebrates this theirs with their loved ones. this Day not only for love birds but it is the day for spreading the love with each nd ever relationships that exist on earth. You can celebrate this day with your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, friends and colleges etc. Valentine day specialty is roses and gifts. The main purpose of this day is to make happy everyone who is in love with their soul mates. You can express your love by giving roses to your love. You can also give gifts raped in the redraping paper. The Red color expressed the love that has a sign that your love loves you as deeply as the red color it is. We suggest you some new ideas you can use on this day are


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