Happy Valentine Day 2017- Valentine Day History

Happy Valentine Day 2017- Valentine Day Historyvalintine day history

Valentine Day History: Legend tells the story of one such saint, Saint Valentine of Rome.  Emperor Claudius decided that single men made better soldiers and as such banned the marriage of young men.

Valentine Day History History says that his last note said, “from your Valentine.”The married soldiers who were forbidden to do so, to their new brides. He was later imprisoned for this reason and while in jail he healed a jailer’s daughter.Valentine is young couples and married in secret. Upon discovery, He was put to death. A continuation of this story says that. He fell in love with the daughter of his jailer and would pass notes to her. Whom he wrote a card to shortly before his execution. The card read “Your Valentine”. This tradition has carried down through the ages and every year lovers. All over the world send Valentine’s Cards to one another.

Valentines Day:

Valentines Day has been the center of love and affection. With small gifts and tokens of affection. Moreover, Passing back and forth between lovers and loved ones. But very few people know the real history of Valentines Day. Even though we now associate the holiday with love, cupids, and fanciful dreams of romance. The truth is that February 14th holds far deeper and far older traditions than one might originally think.  His skull now lives in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin and is covered with flowers.n Sunday the world will be celebrating St Valentine’s Day. Many men and women across the globe will be hoping for their special Valentine. They arrive with a gift, as a token of their love. Valentine Day History

In the Eastern Orthodox Churches on the 6th July. The day is in honor with saints Valentine.Who celebrates Valentine’s Day? According to an article in an American Magazine. “younger people”, who are still trying to impress potential mates, participate more than older. Nearly two-thirds of those between 25-34 will celebrate the holiday, and 60% of those between 18-24. Less than half of those between 55-64 will celebrate. Only 44.7% of those 65 and older will be enjoying the day with a loved one for Valentine’s day’.

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Valentine Day 2017 - 14 February 2017
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