Rizal day celebration in the philippines 2016 & 2017

Rizal Day Celebration in the Philippines 2016

Rizal day within the philippines is widely known on december 30 every year. Rizal day celebrates Dr. Jose Rizal’s contribution to the revolution against the Spanish.

Celebration /Observance

The flags are at half-mast. The president of the philippines places a wreath at rizal’s shrine in the Rizal park, manila. Most of the people spend time with own family.  These pals taking part in the time without work. Rizal day is a national excursion with most authorities places of work and groups closed.

Rizal Day celebration by philippines

Rizal Day History

Jose Rizal becomes an ophthalmologist and an author. He wrote the books “noli me tangere” and “el filibustering” that exposed the Spanish. Due to the tough rule and human violations against the Filipino human beings. He became ultimately arrested, convicted. He performed via a firing squad on December 30, 1896.
He born on june 19, 1861. José Rizal is counted as the one of the finest heroes in philippine records. He is accredited as beginning the philippine revolution towards the spanish colonisers. Rizal, a man of many abilities. Changed into substantially an ophthalmologist and a novelist. His novels uncovered the injustices delivered on through the spanish colonisers inside the philippines. Many pupils and historians would agree that it became the thoughts in these two books. And that inspired the already disagreed filipinos to act in opposition to the Spanish.

Rizal Day Speech:

On the Rizal Day, The Mayor addresses a speech at Rizal park. The shrine of the Rizal is here in this park. On this day, the whole nation observes the death anniversary of The martyrdom Jose Rizal.

The theme of this year’s Rizal Day celebration is “Rizalismo: Sandigan ng Kaunlaran, Pagkakaisa at Kapayapaan”.

What do humans do on the Rizal day?

rizal day celebration

Official activities center round the main rizal shrine. In rizal park manila. flags are at half of-mast and the president of the philippines lays a wreath at rizal’s shrine. As a symbol of the country’s gratitude and reverence. As it is a public holiday. Most of the people take the break day from paintings and spend time with family and buddies.

In conclusion!

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